Remember Blue Days !

Saturday and Sunday 19-20 September, it was 'Blue Days' on the Canal Roubaix-Espierres. The European canal restoration project had been completed and boats were back on the canal. Between the Deûle and the Scheldt, from Marquette to Spiere-Helkjin through Roubaix and Tourcoing, canalside localities were bustling with activity, boats were moored up where they hadn't been seen for 30 years, the local inhabitants were reminded of times gone by, the banks reverberated to the sound of the accordeon, the night was illuminated with lanterns, and thousands enjoyed the memorable aquatic show...

And the day before, on Friday 18, about a hundred representatives of the Blue Links partners and other stakeholders on waterways in Europe, in the USA and Korea discussed the issues of waterways as engines of urban regeneration.

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Maritime and waterway heritage celebrated!


A major event took place on the week-end of 19-20 September 2009, to celebrate the return of boats to the Roubaix-Espierres Canal. This was a fête without borders,

For information on the last remaining works on the canal restoration, see our long-established web site This site Blue Days was designed by the partners to offer precise details on all aspects of the programme, according to the particular focus or interests of prospective boaters, visitors, artists or exhibitors. Hence the selection by locality (commune), by date, for the associated conference (see below), for registering, etc).


d'n Bruinen is one of the 30 boats which attended the boat rally, which radically changed the way the Roubaix-Espierres Canal is perceived by the local population.

The day before the week-end's celebrations, about 100 delegates from the partner organisations, and other waterway interests in Europe, the USA and Korea debated the issues of canals and urban regeneration.

Canals and urban regeneration

The closing conference of the Blue Links project will be heldl in the the Fresnoy studios in Tourcoing, on September 18 and 19, as part of the Blue Days programme. European projects for rehabilitation of heritage canals will be presented and discussed by specialists, but enlightened amateurs and members of associations which are active in this area will have their place.


This "big fish" inaugurated the Millennium Link (Forth and Clyde Canal) between Glasgow and Edinburgh, in September 2002. The key players in this project will be present at the conference.

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