Main site of Blue Days event at L'Union

The summit level of the canal is also, naturally, the focal point of the Blue Days event.

Here is the 'empty' summit level at L'Union, photographed by Marc Debeer (Fleuves & Canaux) on Saturday 29 August: an area that is waiting to come back to life!

Along the canal banks, facing the boats assembled for the event, you will find about 30 stands or attractions.

Partners, communes, local associations, speakers, caterers, artists and musicians will take possession of the stands and stage for two days of festivities and events. On the water, about 30 boats from the region, Europe and elsewhere have registered their boats and will be moored along these banks.

Pioneers of this restored waterway, they will fly the flags of joy and good humour. On the land - à terre - popular music from Montmartre, lanterns, deckchairs and long tables of tasty fare await the visitors! Don't miss this opportunity…


N.B. The other events and activities offered by Tourcoing and Roubaix, outside the Union site, are covered by the separate pages devoted to these towns.

Tourcoing Jazz Festival - first taste

The Tourcoing Jazz Festival will have a stand to present the programme of this important date for jazz fans. The 23rd edition, from 17 to 24 October, will feature some great names of jazz such as Chick Corea and Branford Marsalis.
Information on the festival's web site. Tel 03 59 63 43 63